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In accordance with the C.B.S.E guidelines, you can find the mandatory information about the school that is to be published to the public domain via the school website, from this page.

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Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Public School

The school was established on 09 May 1981 as a result of the visionary thought of the Health Minister of yesteryears,† Late Jathedar Sohan Singh Jalalusman. The history goes to the great sacrifice made by Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman for the cause of maintaining the sanctity of SIKH ARDAS† and the missionary zeal of the Late Jathedar Sohan Singh Jalalusman to create a living memory of the unique Sikh, in the form of the well-known Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Memorial Trust at Rayya Mandi, Distt. Amritsar. With the help of his contemporaries, like the then Defence Minister Late Sardar Swarn Singh,† the Speaker of Lok Sabha Sardar Gurdial Singh Dhillon, the Chief Minister, Punjab Giani Zail Singh and many more, Jathedar Sohan Singh Jalalusman purchased 10 acres of surplus land from the Indian Army.

The Trust established Shaheed Darshan Singh Pheruman Memorial College For women in July 1974 in order to provide opportunities to the public of this area to get their daughters education at par the opportunities prevailing in urban areas at that time. Subsequently, the Late Jathedar thought of establishing a public school. The present SHAHEED DARSHAN SINGH PHERUMAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, RAYYA then came into existence on 09 May 1981 as a small school with appointment of Founder Principal G.S. Batra.

Mr. Tarlochan Singh S/o S. Baldev Singh, of village Muchhal was the first student who got admission on 24 June 1981 under Admission No. 01 in Nursery class.

Principalís Message

In the present day scenario where scientific approach is necessary to educate the children, at the same time it is also important to develop and save moral values. Our younger generation has fallen prey to many anti-social; anti-human and anti-nature activities, which normally become the reasons for their being violent.

It is duty of the parents and the teachers not only to cite examples of good moral acts of others but they themselves should become the living examples. They should also help the children...

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